Maintaining your Healthy Hair

When it comes to your hair, you may often find that you spend a lot of time looking, touching, and tending to your hair. You are only selecting the best shampoo and conditioners, washing it, blow drying it, and even styling it. Then you have curling and straightening it, as well as coloring it. That doesn’t mean that your hair is going to be healthy. Most of us don’t have a good hair routine. So, how do you maintain healthy hair?

Start with caring for your overall health

Your hair happens to be a growing tissue that is affecting by our health. Ask yourself if you have had a recent physical? How well do you eat? Are you managing your stress or are you letting it take over your life? Diet, especially one that is full of iron and protein is vital to hair health. Stress can cause your hair to shed a lot just like medical issues can cause problems.

Protect your hair in the summer

If you thought a sunburn was bad for your skin, just think about how bad it is for your hair, even though it doesn’t turn red and peel. Repeated sun exposure can cause your hair to become damaged and dry, which fades your coloring too. Be sure to cover that hair up when you are able to, such as wrapping it in a scarf or using a wide brimmed hat. Be sure to find moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that can protect against UV and UVB rays, as well as use a SPF hair spray.

Brush it right

You need to spend some time brushing your hair out each morning to remove dry scalp material, dust and dirt. But if you are trying to untangle wet hair, use a wide tooth comb, since hairbrushes will be too harsh. Use a natural bristled brush instead of a plastic or metal bristled brush. They are less likely to pull your hair out.

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