What makes your hair healthy?

There are many different factors that affect hair expansion, one of the main ones would be expansion hormones. In today’s modern world, technology has developed several treatments for the expansion of hair, which give people the ability to try them in their own home. The way that these hair expansions work has to do with their dependency on growth hormones. The growth hormones for the male is testosterone hormone, and for the female is the estrogen hormone. These hormones are what governs hair enhancement and the growth of hair. Human hair is made up of a protein referred to as keratin.

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What is protein?

Hair that consist of a lot of protein will result in hair that is healthier. Hair also has a need for vitamin B-advanced and some amino acids in order to stay healthy. The main elements that keep hair healthy, making an impact on hair expansion is getting enough sleep, eating correctly, heredity, and drinking plenty of water. The hair actually needs certain kinds of oil for its development, one of them is coconut oil. By massaging the scalp with one of these oils on a regular basis it will help in the protection of hair loss, and also help in expansion of the hair.

What about oils?

Other essential oils that can use on a day to day basis is jojoba oil. The most popular oil being olive oil, which can also be used for the expansion of the hair. Olive oil is prosperous with the much needed vitamin E, which is going to nourish the shaft, as well as the hair follicles. It merely consists of massaging olive oil into the scalp, by use of the fingertips, usually performed prior to bedtime, and shampooing with a gentle shampoo the following morning. If this regime is performed two to three days each week, on a regular basis, it is going to rejuvenate the scalp, while enhancing its hair growth.


The most critical oil used in the treatment of hair development. Many of the aroma therapists are using this type of oil, as it is the most effective oil for the treatment of hair loss. The hair coloring agent ‘Henna’ helps in strengthening cuticles, retaining the oils and keeping them intact, it is also considered to be one of the prevalent house cures for the progress of hair expansion. To use Henna it needs to be soaked in water that has been made using a tea bag or some coffee grounds, which is the perfect hair conditioner. Another thing that is good for hair advancement is gelatin mixed with sugar, this gets vitamins into the roots and the scalp.

A basic remedy is 1/2 of a pink onion, cut-up, garlic (4-cloves), 2 cinnamon sticks, and water, then boil everything together for 15 minutes. Use this to rinse the hair for four days straight. Another thing that can help with hair enhancement is to shampoo hair before bed and connect the wet hair into two braids, repeating each day if you wish. If you pay attention, after a few times of doing this you will be able to tell that the hair has grown.

Home remedies can help hair development; you should give them a try in the proper matter.