When the power goes out…

Here in New Hampshire we are expecting hurricane Sandy to hit us at any moment. Today I have been busy preparing for the storm by cooking dinner early, washing diapers a day early, making sure my basement is clean in case of flooding, breaking out candles/flashlights/ect, all the normal storm preparation.

However, my biggest worry with this storm is how the little people will react if the lights go out. Ballerina doesn’t remember this ever happening and Lady Petunia is still too young to really grasp what may happen. While we have had conversations all day about what may happen I fear that this will really scare them.

So along with all of my normal storm preparation, I am making a list of activities for the little people to do, just in case the power does go out.

1. Crafts, crafts, and more crafts- provided we have enough daylight/ candle light, you really don’t need any power to craft. We are stocked up on crayons, paints, play dough, clay, glitter the works really. I even have crafts like the picture below that I picked up at the dollar tree a few weeks ago.

2. Build a fort- Gather blankets, pillows, lovies, snacks, and build a giant fort in your living room. You can bring in flash lights and lanterns. Soon they wont be thinking about the lights being off, they will be picturing themselves camping deep in the forest of never never land.

3. Tell stories- Whether you tell you make up your own, reciting a fairytale, or sharing a story from your childhood. Your little ones will be engrossed in your tales. It doesn’t matter if you think your story is lame, your kids wont! You can even break put the dress up clothes and act the story out!

4- Have a picnic- Invite Teddy and baby doll to a picnic! If you have already built a fort, what better place to have dinner? Let your little ones “set the table” and choose what they want to eat. They will love the idea of eating in your living room or where ever you decide to camp out!

5. Make up a game- I remember as a child we had a terrible storm one day. The lights were out for hours, my older brother and I were bored to tears. My dad found a bag of marbles and made up a game, which included finding the marbles with flash lights. Clearly this event is something I have always remembered. I hope to do something like this with the little people!

6. Play hide and go seek- Who doesn’t love a game of hide and go seek in the dark? I know even the teenagers in our youth group love this game. Be sure to make sure no toys or shoes are on the floor, tripping in the dark is no fun!

7. Enjoy being a family- Power outages can be a scary time for kids and parents alike. However, it doesn’t have to be. It can be a fun time that your kids always remember. Take the time while having the tv off, and emails unanswered to enjoy being with your family. Love each other and laugh lots to take the anxiety out of the situation.

I am praying that all of our fans and customers stay safe during this storm. I hope you enjoy your time waiting it out with your family.