Hairfinity, Which Reviews Are Trustworthy?

With all the Hairfinity reviews available on the web, you may be asking which ones you can really trust, and which ones you are not able too. Well, you’re not alone. I was one of those people, so I created this review to be one of the trustworthy Hairfinity reviews out there. To test the product, I cut my hair and started taking the Hairfinity vitamins to determine, do they work?

There are so many Hairfinity reviews out there you’re probably asking yourself, “which ones can I trust?”.    This is one of the Hairfinity reviews I trust and I hope you trust mine!

About My Review

I am a very straightforward person, which means genuine opinions is what I provide. I don’t fool around, either a product works, or it doesn’t. I simply feel it is needed to offer a realistic review once and for all, so let’s get started.

I have two main concerns with Hairfinity reactions, one is the aggravation to skin, and the headaches it is known for. Because of this, during my trial I increased water intake (and I am not a water drinking person).

My routine is not to cut my hair now that I started the pills, with a weekly wash. My trial is also preceding with a dietary supplement.

Day one is upon us, and I will be sure to update you often on the progress, and provide pictures often as possible.

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So far, I have begun showing some results from the use of Hairfinity. I never really had issues with hair growth, which makes it a bit more challenging to determine in that area. However, I have noticed my dandruff has reduced, and my hair does seem to be growing out quicker.

At this point, I have not run into any issues with my skin other than an occasional pimple. I have read about people using Hairfinity and getting skin inflammation, I have not had this issue, hopefully it stays that way.

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Progress Update

I am well into this experiment and I am still unsure it is my hair or the Hairfinity doing most of the growing, but it’s coming out. I can only assume that the Hairfinity is aiding my hair in quicker growth, and my goal should be accomplished by Spring.

In the 3rd week my dandruff increased, which I never had much of an issue with before. The lack of breakouts may be aided by my increased water intake, as I did not drink enough water before.

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Using Hairfinity I believe does help increase the growth rate of your hair, but keep in mind there may be various reactions that you encounter. These can be different for each person, but dandruff is one I had. Another thing to remember, if it does help increase your hair growth on your scalp, it will increase hair growth on other parts of the body too. Drink plenty of water.

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